A Child's guide to SociaL WorK

The stick-child of "A Child's Guide to Social Work" may be broadly construed to include anyone who is vulnerable, alone, and coerced without recourse to succor or sympathy. Consequently, the sites below have been chosen for their interest to the anti-psychiatrist of any age.

   Ablechild.org : Parents for Label and Drug Free Education
   Antipsychiatry.org : The Antipsychiatry Coalition
   Bibliography of first-person narratives of madness (pdf download; 380 KB)
   Breggin.com : Peter R. Breggin and psychiatric drug facts
   Narpa.org : National Association for Rights Protection & Advocacy
   Psychrights.org : Law Project for Psychiatric Rights
   Szasz.com : The Thomas S. Szasz Cybercenter for Liberty and Responsibility

   Psych.org : American Psychiatric Association
   Naswdc.org : National Association of Social Workers

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